Hilarious and Horrible

Hi there.

My name is Diane, and I’ll be guiding you through the hilarious, horrible, awkward, cringe-worthy world that was my 13-year-old brain. I’ll be posting the contents of my eighth grade diary, as well as excerpts from other journals, blogs and notes from my teenage years.

I’ve been keeping a diary in some form since third grade. Inspired by Harriet the Spy, I started my very first “private notebook” at the age of nine.  It mostly contained mundane observations about what my neighbors were doing, how much smarter I was than all the other kids and why my younger sister annoyed me. I later moved to various writer’s journals, paper notebooks and microsoft word documents before discovering the internet. Sadly, the contents of my life between ninth and eleventh grade has been lost somewhere online after teenopendiary.com shut down, but I do retain some of the worst poetry and prose from my high school years. My last diary is from the first day of 12th grade to the last day of my freshman year of college.

“Everything is hilarious and horrible” describes not only the contents of my diary, but the way my life is going. I’m in my first weeks of grad school, and being seven hours from my friends and family can be heart-wrenching at times. I graduated last May, and all my friends have (literally) scattered across the globe. While I’m excited about the opportunity I’ve been given, I’m desperately missing the people and places I’ve left behind.

Laughing at myself is what keeps me going. Throughout college, I blogged about my small scale adventures for an online campus weekly. However, a new chapter in my life means a new subject. I’m eager to embarrass the shit out of myself as I bring you the tales of woe written by a girl who actually grew out her hair so she could look  more like Princess Leia.

I promise to always be honest here. No matter how awkward, I’ll always share.

I might spare you the pages and pages of anime analysis, though. No one needs to hear that.

About Diane

Hey, I'm Diane! I'm a writer and storyteller, currently living in Washington, D.C. From a self-composed how-to guide on being an adventure heroine, to an obsessive college crush on the vaguely-Harrison-Ford-resembling editor of the college newspaper, to sundry forays into erotic, historical fanfiction, my material comes from the tragic yet hilarious place where fangirl obsession meets modern reality. I like thrifting, watching NBC comedies, and getting emotional about fiction.

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