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2013 Shows

Storytelling Performances, 2013

*All venues are local (Washington, D.C.) unless noted.

Bare! True Stories of Sex, Desire and Romance

  • February 2013: “The Lieber System” (Black Fox Lounge)
  • August 2013: “The Fedora” (Black Fox Lounge)

Story League

  • February 2013: Host, Story Contest: Sexuality (Busboys & Poets)
  • April 2013: “The Bop-It – long version,” Story League Presents: Shocking Confessions (Black Cat)
  • May 2013: “Mackinac Island – abbreviated version”, Story Contest: Gossip (Busboys & Poets)
  • August 2013: “Thug Appeal,” Story League Sings 2: Bad Girls, (Black Cat)
  • December 2013: “The Lieber System,” Story League All-Stars 2 (Black Cat)

Mortified DC

  • February 2013:  “Asha Lawrence,” Doomed Valetine’s Show (Town Danceboutique)
  • September 2013: “How to be an Adventure Gurl,” Back to School Show (Town Danceboutique)

8×8: 8 Performers, 8 Minutes Each

  • February 2013: “The Bop-It” (Looking Glass Lounge)
  • April 2013: “Survival Skills” (Looking Glass Lounge)

The Wonderland Circus

  • April 2013: “Mackinac Island” (Wonderland Ballroom)

Mortified NYC

  • April 2013: “Asha Lawrence” (92Y Tribeca, New York City)

Speakeasy DC

  • June 2013: “The Interntional House of Mancakes” (Town Danceboutique)
  • August 2013: “The Lieber System,” AU Freshman Week (American University)

Perfect Liars Club

  • October 2013: “Lesbian Batman Erotica” (Science Club)

Little Spoons

  • October 2013: “Bed Bug Bingo” (The Dunes)

Tiger’s Blood Theater

  • November 2013: “Mackinac Island” (The Comedy Spot, Ballston, Virginia)

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2012 Shows

Storytelling Performances, 2012

*All venues are local (Washington, D.C.) unless noted.

Mortified NYC

  • April 2012: “How to be an Adventure Gurl” (92YTribeca, New York, New York)

Story League

  • January 2012: “We’re All In This Together,” Story League Story Contest 3: My Secret (Busboys & Poets)
  • February 2012: “Thug Appeal,” Story League Story Contest 4: The Movies (Busboys & Poets)
  • June 2012: “One True Pairing,” Story League Presents: Broken Toys (Arts Club of Washington)
  • June 2012: “The International House of Mancakes,” Story Contest DC: Friend, Defriend, Refriend (Busboys & Poets)
  • June 2012: “Mackinac Island,” Story Contest VA: Hot Off the Presses (Busboys & Poets, Shirlington, Virginia)
  • July 2012: “Raggedy Ann,” Story Contest VA: Winning! (Busboys & Poets, Shirlington, Virginia)
  • August 2012: “Mackinac Island,” Story League Presents: The Ultimate Story Showcase (Black Cat DC)
  • September 2012: “The Lieber System,” Story Contest VA: My Hometown (Busboys & Poets, Shirlington,Virginia)
  • November 2012: “Bed Bug Bingo,” Story League Presents: District of Culpability (Arts Club of Washington)
  • December 2012: “Bed Bug Bingo,” Story Contest VA: No Returns (Busboys & Poets, Shirlington, Virginia)

Speakeasy DC

  • March 2012: “The Lieber System,” Story Showdown (Dance Place)

8×8: 8 performers, 8 minutes each

  • February 2012: “We’re All In This Together” (The Looking Glass Lounge)
  • April 2012: “Mackinac Island” (The Looking Glass Lounge)
  • June 2012: “Thug Appeal” (The Looking Glass Lounge)
  • July 2012: “The Lieber System” (The Looking Glass Lounge)
  • October 2012: “We’re All In This Together” (The Looking Glass Lounge)

You, Me, Them, Everybody

  • November 2012: “You Got a D,” Holiday-ish Album Recording (studio recording)

First Person Arts

  • April 2012: “Mackinac Island” (The Free Library of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
  • September 2012: “The Lieber System,” StorySlam Winner (World Cafe Life, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
  • November 2012: “The Bop-It,” GrandSlam Winner (Christ Church Neighborhood House, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

The Happy Buddha Brings Peace and Laughter

  • August 2012: “Bedbugs” (DC Arts Center)

Bare! True Stories of Sex, Desire and Romance

  • September 2012: “Barbie Sex” (Black Fox Lounge)
  • December 2012: “The Bop-It” (Black Fox Lounge)

Ad 2 DC (Young Professionals of the DC Ad Club)

  • October 2012: Feature Performer and Judge for Ad 2 DC’s “Mad Memoirs: Horror Stories From Behind Agency Walls” (Busboys & Poets)

Workshop Experience

Story League

  • February – May 2012: Story League Story Circle

2011 Shows

Storytelling Performances and Workshops, 2009-2011

*All venues are local (Washington, D.C.) unless noted.

Mortified Chicago

  • January 2009: “Barbara Walters” (Beat Kitchen, Chicago, Illinois)

Mortified DC

  • November 2010: “The Infamous Post-it Note Incident” (Town Danceboutique)
  • October 2011: “How to be an Adventure Gurl” (Town Danceboutique)

Story League

  • March 2011: “Barbie Sex,” Story League Presents: Sins of Youth (Black Fox Lounge)
  • May 2011: “The Lieber System,” Story League Presents: Sophomore Outing (Black Fox Lounge)
  • August 2011: “Thug Appeal,” Story League Presents: Encore, Encore!” (Black Fox Lounge)
  • September 2011: “The Lieber System,” Story League at Zest Fest (Outdoor event in NoMA)
  • September 2011: “Raggedy Ann,” Story League Story Contest (Busboys & Poets)
  • October 2011: “Mackinac Island,” Halloween Mini-Show and Mixer (Black Fox Lounge)
  • December 2011: “Yes, Darling,” Mini-Show and Mixer (Black Fox Lounge)


  • April 2011: “Barbie Sex,” Up to No Good (Chief Ike’s Mambo Room)
  • October 2011: “Shrunken Heads,” Fright Night (Chief Ike’s Mambo Room)

Speakeasy DC

  • November 2011: “The International House of Mancakes,” Solo Performance Showcase (DC Improv)

Orbit Chef

  • December 2011: “Santa, Baby?”, Orbit Chef Presents: Holiday Buffet (DC Arts Center)

Workshop Experience

Story League

  • February 2011: Workshop with “This American Life” producer Jane Marie.

Speakeasy DC

  • September – November 2011: Speakeasy DC Solo Story Performance Workshop